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My top ten favourite films.

My fiancé’s fuckin’ perfect taste in films.

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Lara holding a M16 rifle, Tomb Raider II


Lara holding a M16 rifle, Tomb Raider II 



lost a follower for posting shit

kay bye

Why do people always get so butt-hurt when they lose followers? Who cares how many followers someone has? And why do people always say they don’t care, yet if they didn’t care about losing followers, then why are they…

I was up all night crying bout it bby g


hehe, well das a lot of hair 
walk walk fashion baby

work it move that bitch craazzzyy


hehe, well das a lot of hair 

walk walk fashion baby

work it move that bitch craazzzyy

favorite characters

↳ Piper Halliwell (Charmed)

[omg i haven’t been in the fc3 fandom for ages and everyone suddenly is boning each other?????????????

when i was here everyone slagged each other off behind their backs and judged everything they liked about the game etc

and every post was about the insanity quote

we be in dark times, we do]

far+cry+3    far cry 3    

lost a follower for posting shit

kay bye

Strategy to beat Emerald Weapon without KOTR/Mime/Underwater or 9999 Health. 

So, today I was playing FFVII, and after getting cloud to Lucky 7s, thought screw it, I’m gonna have a go at Emerald. Keep in mind, Cloud had the highest health, as my other two character’s were at around 6000ish each. My level was below 60, and I hadn’t yet bothered getting mime or KOTR. Hell, I couldn’t even bother to get Underwater. But somehow, and much to my massive delight. I fucked the bastard. Totally killed him. So, here’s how I did it. And hopefully a short guard for all you lazy so-and-so’s out there!

Pre-battle preparation:

Get Cloud to 7777 health to activate lucky sevens. 

W-Item Glitch, over 50 Hero Drinks/Megalixers

Get Tifa/Cloud’s limits ready.


Cloud - LVL. 59

- 3 Hp Plus, one mastered, one two stars, one one star. 

- Omni-slash 

- Phoenix Materia, two stars


Tifa - LVL 56

- 3 Hp Plus, none mastered - health, 5986

- Enemy Skill - Big Guard

- Final Heaven

Yuffie - LVL 58

- 3 Hp Plus, none mastered - health, 7094

- Enemy Skill

- W-Item

Battle start:

- Cloud uses up Lucky 7s

- Once he’s finished, Tifa casts Big Guard

- Cloud uses Omnislash

- Yuffie w-items Megalixer and Hero Drink on Cloud

- Keep Cloud on stand-by, until he has Omnislash ready, then use it. Keep Tifa on stand-by, restocking up on Big Guard, keep Yuffie casting Megalixia and Hero Drink EVERY TURN. She’ll need to. Once she’s stocked Cloud full of drink, do the same to Tifa.

- When his eyes come out, keep Yuffie spamming, make sure your guard is up, spam Tifa’s limit and Cloud’s Phoenix materia.

- At around the ten minute mark, allow Tifa to begin using her limits more frequently.

- I beat him at 7minutes using this strategy.

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